About Us

Who is the Paper Princess?

Amy Stillwaggon, affectionately known as the Paper Princess is the fourth generation owner, CEO, and driving force behind Newburgh Envelope since she took over in 2015. Prior to that, Amy worked for her father, Stuart and her grandfather Carl for nearly 10 years. Amy served in many aspects of the business including sales, networking, prospecting, marketing, public relations, volunteering, delivering of finished products and production. All of this experience is tapped on a daily basis as Amy helps bring her clients' ideas to life!

Amy's vision for the business is to provide access to affordable, effective marketing materials to the businesses in the Hudson Valley and across the US. Small businesses are the backbone of our community. When they have the space and the tools to thrive, then the community becomes stronger and healthier as well.

What sets Amy and Newburgh Envelope apart?

  • We align ourselves with our clients' vision and priorities. Our clients appreciate that we assume some ownership of their brand, figuratively speaking. We adopt their voice, how they speak to and interact with their clients. We learn about their products and services and become an extension of their business. We can appreciate when they are punny, we conform to any restrictions by governing bodies and strive to provide a piece that even the client isn't sure if they wrote or not.
  • We begin with the end in mind. We ask A LOT OF QUESTIONS. If the client is looking for a classic letterpress style product, the design leading up to that will include certain elements and we educate the client as to why certain elements may not be included, unless we change the media or process.
  • Your Girl Speaks The Language. Amy's real, hands on experience with pre-press, setting up and running an offset press as well as the finishing process, means that as she collaborates with other providers in the print space, she is using industry appropriate language, and knows what the pressroom needs to complete the job with minimal changes, alterations or corrections when files reach the pressroom.

Amy's Super Power

Recently, Amy was challenged by a friend to answer the question, "What is your Super Power?" Amy's superpower is shape-shifting.

The most important quality in business is the ability to understand, empathize and connect with the client on their level, even if that's not your level. This was a quality that took time for Amy to develop.

Traditionally, she saw "purchasing" print marketing from the standpoint of "shopping". Amy is a thrifty person when shopping for herself. She likes a deal, tends not to splurge, and will wait for a sale.

But when our customers are looking to purchase print advertising, they are not all shopping using the same paradigm. They are purchasing.... the paradigm being more like an investment or home purchase. They want quality, value and safety, they want a good school district and municipal water/sewer.

When Amy is working with each client, their priorities are different, some want a good price, working within a small, startup budget. Some clients want quality raw materials, recycled content or a premium print processes. And some clients need it QUICKLY, within a deadline.

Amy's shape-shifting abilities allow her to provide affordable, effective marketing materials to her clients that resonate with their target market, increasing their visibility in the marketplace and driving new customers to review their products and services.